What Does Joe Biden Know About Hillary Clinton?

National Journal: “As Joe Biden edges closer to a presidential run, there’s no shortage of theories as to what he’s up to. Former secretary of State Hillary Clinton has built a commanding lead in the national polls, giving Biden little apparent space to gain traction. Perhaps he’s counting on the early-primary state of South Carolina to provide a critical boost. He might be banking on appearing as a stronger general-election candidate than any of his potential rivals in the primary race. Maybe after spending the past 42 years of his life running for elective office, he just can’t stop.”

“But there’s one intriguing theory that has so far garnered little attention: What if Biden knows something about Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton that the rest of us don’t?”

Fox News reports an FBI “A-team” is leading the “extremely serious” investigation into Clinton’s email server and the focus includes a provision of the law pertaining to “gathering, transmitting or losing defense information.”

Clinton Claims She Has One-Fifth of Delegates Needed

“As Hillary Clinton’s campaign seeks to project dominance in a field that could soon include Vice President Joe Biden, her top advisers are touting a decisive edge on a little-discussed metric: superdelegate commitments,” according to Bloomberg.

“At the Democratic National Committee meeting… senior Clinton campaign officials are claiming that she has already secured one-fifth of the pledges needed to win the Democratic presidential nomination. They come from current and former elected officials, committee officeholders, and other party dignitaries.”

Trump at Wharton

Boston Globe: “His former classmates said he seemed to them a student who spoke up a lot but rarely shined in class, who barely participated in campus activities, shunned fraternity parties, and spent most of his weekends and spare time pursuing his dream: using his advantages as the son of a prominent New York real estate developer to get an early start on the business career that would make him very, very rich.”

“Unlike many of the privileged students around him, who expected to leverage their pedigrees to enrich themselves the old-fashioned way — that is, quietly — Trump had an in-your-face attitude about his quest for money from his first day on campus, said his former classmates.”

U.S. Economic Growth Quickens

New York Times: “Not long ago, the United States was considered the tortoise of the world economy, at least in comparison to emerging powers like China and Brazil. Lately, however, slow but steady seems to be winning the race. The American economy continues to chug along, while the onetime hares in Asia, South America and elsewhere are flagging.”

“The latest evidence of this shift came on Thursday, as the Commerce Department revised sharply upward its estimate of economic growth in the second quarter to a healthy annual pace of 3.7 percent, from an initial estimate of 2.3 percent. At the same time, the Labor Department, in reporting another drop in weekly unemployment claims, provided further evidence that the job market was on the mend.”

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Jeb Bush Has a Foot-In-Mouth Problem

Dana Millbank: “Jeb Bush established his inheritance of the family trait earlier this year, with his kick-off foreign policy speech. He confused Iraq for Iran, said Islamic State had 200,000 fighters instead of 20,000, and referred to the Islamic State leader as ‘the guy that’s the supreme leader, whatever his new title is, head of the caliphate.’ He said immigration should be ‘a catalytic converter for sustained economic growth.'”

“But Jeb Bush’s slips tend to be different from those of his kin. His are more Freudian, involving accidental truths.”

Cruz’s Embrace of Trump Is Key to His Strategy

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is stalking Donald Trump — “if not geographically (the Alabama trips were coincidence) then ideologically and rhetorically, making sure the two stay in lockstep on issues of the day so that voters who are energized by Trump’s message but looking for a more polished messenger discover a natural transition to Cruz,” National Journal reports.

Trump Explains Why He’s Attacking Bush

Donald Trump explained his attacks toward Jeb Bush, saying that he had taken for granted that the former governor of Florida was going to be his chief rival, Politico reports.

Said Trump: “Well I don’t want to be nasty, and I don’t want to say that. But I will tell you that if you look at the polls, he isn’t really second anymore. He’s fourth and fifth in a lot of the polls. And I have, you know, I’ve always assumed that he was going to be a primary competitor, and I guess that’s why I’m hitting him harder than others.”