Trump Could Ensure Democratic Dominance for Years

Politico: “Donald Trump knows the United States will never deport eleven million undocumented immigrants or do away with birthright citizenship. But what if we did—what would be the political impact if Trump and other angry nativists in the GOP actually achieved most or all the changes they desire, cutting immigration back sharply?”

“We already know, because something very similar happened once before in American history. Ninety years ago, two Republican presidents—Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge—and a Congress dominated by Republicans enacted equally harsh policies against immigrants. Their success helped usher in the longest period of one-party rule in the 20th century. But it was the Democrats, not the GOP, who benefited, in one of the most whopping instances of unintentional consequences in American political history.”

Reports Claim Alabama Governor Had an Affair

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley (R) engaged in an extramarital affair with his former communications director, leading First Lady Dianne Bentley to file for divorce last Friday after 50 years of marriage, sources tell Legal Schnauzer.

Birmingham News: “Several media outlets – bloggers and radio talkers – this morning cited ‘sources’ as they reported that Gov. Robert Bentley has without question had an affair with a female staff member, a torrid love cuddle that caused the governor’s wife of a half century, Dianne Bentley, to file for divorce and ask for everything the guy ever made.”

Why Is Jeb Bush Going After Donald Trump?

Molly Ball: “The other candidates who’ve gone after Trump aggressively (Lindsey Graham, Rick Perry, Rand Paul) haven’t exactly soared in the polls. Trump is like an electric fence that the candidates keep running at, only to get zapped and fall back.”

“On the other hand, supporters of the strategy say, somebody had to do it—Trump isn’t going away on his own. And Bush risked looking weak if he left Trump’s attacks, which were essentially shots at his manhood, unanswered. Bush isn’t trying to win over Trump’s supporters, who are unlikely ever to favor him; he’s trying to consolidate the two-thirds of the party that dislikes Trump and wants to see the bully knocked down. And he’s trying to reassure his nervous donors—you know, the ones who’ve already poured $100 million into his candidacy—that he has some fire in the belly.”

Trump Torments Bush

Jeb Bush said “that he would run for president only if he could do so with a sunny spirit, but Mr. Trump, the surprise leader in the polls, has turned this summer into a miserable one for Mr. Bush, gleefully ignoring the traditional rules of political engagement,” the New York Times reports.

“There is the personal ridicule — constantly questioning Mr. Bush’s vigor, invoking a since-retracted statement by his mother, Barbara Bush, that ‘we’ve had enough Bushes’ in the White House, and even alluding to his wife’s Mexican heritage in discussing immigration. But the torment goes deeper than that. Emphasizing bluster over ideas, Mr. Trump has turned the campaign into a tabloid-style clash of personalities, heavy on provocation and insults. What little policy that has been discussed mostly revolves around Mr. Trump’s appeals to anxious white conservatives: stoking fears about immigrants, gang members and foreign countries that, in his telling, are eclipsing America.”

“It is a race, in other words, that embodies what Mr. Bush likes least about politics.”

Perry Has No Campaign Staff Left in New Hampshire

Rick Perry’s campaign organization in New Hampshire has dissolved, WMUR reports.

Veteran strategist Michael Dennehy said that “while he still considers himself a strong supporter of the Republican presidential candidate, he no longer considers himself an advisor to the campaign. He said he has not been paid by the campaign since June and has not heard from Perry or anyone from Perry’s national campaign for the past month.”

Trump’s Success Makes Romney Want to Run Again

“As Donald Trump continues to dominate the Republican presidential race, frustration and panic have become high enough to make some inside the party Establishment pine for a candidate they roundly rejected as recently as January: Mitt Romney,” according to Gabriel Sherman.

Said on Romney insider: “Mitt wants to run. He never stopped wanting to run. These guys like Walker and Perry, they were big deals in their states, but you get them onto the national stage and it’s a different story. It’s like they were in middle school, and now they’re freshmen in high school and they’re getting their faces slammed in the toilets.”

CNN Expects Highest Ratings Ever for Next Debate

The September 16 Republican debate with Donald Trump and his rivals at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library is expected to be the most watched event ever on CNN, the Los Angeles Times reports.

“And the network is cashing in on the anticipation. CNN is not disclosing its ratings projections or ad prices, but competitors are hearing that advertisers are being asked to pay in the range of $150,000 for a 30-second spot, a figure more in line with a hit prime time entertainment show.”

Bevin Moves to Make Gay Marriage Key Issue of Race

Kentucky gubernatorial candidate Matt Bevin (R) said that he fully supports County Clerk Kim Davis’ right to refuse gay couples seeking marriage licenses, the Louisville Courier Journal reports.

Said Bevin: “I absolutely support her willingness to stand on her First Amendment rights. Without any question I support her.”

“The strong defense of Davis’ actions underscores how the GOP nominee hopes to make the fight over gay marriage a centerpiece of the 2015 governor’s race, which polling shows is a tight race between him and Democratic nominee Jack Conway.”

Obama Secures Votes Needed for Iran Deal

President Obama “locked in enough support in Congress Wednesday to ensure he can overcome bipartisan opposition and implement a landmark nuclear accord with Iran,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

“More than a month after global diplomats struck an agreement limiting Iran’s nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief, the White House secured the backing of 34 Senate Democrats–the minimum needed to guarantee the deal can advance despite reservations in Congress. Even if Congress passes a resolution disapproving the deal later this month, Mr. Obama is expected to veto the resolution. Support from Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D., Md.) means there won’t be enough votes to override that veto.”