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November 07, 2003

Jindal and Satan

I received an interesting article written in December 1994 by Lousiana gubernatorial candidate Bobby Jindal (R) for the New Oxford Review, an "orthodox Catholic magazine." The piece is titled "Physical Dimensions of Spiritual Warfare" and is about one of Jindal's friends from Brown University getting possessed by the devil. In the article, Jindal suggests that he too came under attack by the devil.

As this Christian Science Monitor profile makes clear, Jindal does not hide the importance of his faith -- including his own conversion from Hinduism to Catholicism -- but I've never before seen anything like this come up in a campaign. Unfortunately, the article is not available online.

Update: While there's no mention of Jindal's writings on his campaign website, there's a listing of his published works on page 100 of his Senate confirmation hearing transcript. He wrote quite a bit about religion in the early part of his career.

Update II: Dan Conley has read the article and has some very good observations.

Update III: Kos has posted a PDF of the article with this important note: "Religious faith alone does not, obviously, disqualify a candidate for any political office. The question is whether an official can resist the temptation to use the trappings of his or her office to evangelize or otherwise attempt to impose religiosity on the public."


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