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January 27, 2004

Exit Polls

Preliminary exit polls in New Hampshire show Sen. John Kerry and Howard Dean in a closer than expected battle for first place. Wesley Clark and Sen. John Edwards are fighting for third place, but are well behind the two leaders. My source had no specific firm numbers, but indicated this was the trend.

Update: Leaked numbers are all over the map, but show the same trend:
  • Rich Lowry: Kerry 36, Dean 31, Edwards 12, Clark 12
  • Daily Kos: Has similar results from two different sources.

Update II: Two sources have confirmed that the exit polls show two close races in New Hampshire. It's between Kerry and Dean for first place and between Clark and Edwards for third place. Both races are within the margin of error.

The Corner has these exit polls showing Kerry vs. Dean "FOX 36-31, CBS 37-30, LA Times 36-33"

Update III: Matt Drudge says final exit polls show Kerry 34, Dean 31, Edwards 12 and Clark 9

CNN just confirmed that exit polls show Kerry with "a slight lead... much closer than expected."


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