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February 01, 2004

Poll Shows Kerry's Rise Continues

Sen. John Kerry "has established a huge advantage in Missouri, but leads only narrowly in Arizona and trails native son Sen. John Edwards in South Carolina," a new Los Angeles Times/CNN poll has found. These results mirror recent tracking polls.

"At the same time, the poll underscores the collapse of former frontrunner Howard Dean, who trails distantly in all three states and attracts double-digit support only in Arizona."

The New York Times notes Kerry "seems poised to win the bulk of Missouri's 74 delegates, the richest prize in the seven Democratic presidential caucuses and primaries scheduled for Tuesday."

The article notes "whoever wins here can claim to have demonstrated the sort of broad appeal that any presidential candidate needs, and done so in a state that is certain to be a battleground this fall."

The Boston Globe says that due to his momentum Kerry's rivals "have abandoned any pretense of running coast-to-coast campaigns. They have instead targeted specific states."


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