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February 03, 2004

Exit Polls

South Carolina: Edwards 44, Kerry 30, Sharpton 10

Oklahoma: Edwards 31, Kerry 29, Clark 28

Missouri: Kerry 52, Edwards 23, Dean 10

Delaware: Kerry 47, Dean 14, Lieberman 11, Edwards 11

Arizona: Kerry 46, Clark 24, Dean 13

Update:The same results are reported by The Corner. Early reaction is pretty consistent:

Kos: "Man, if Edwards wins both OK and SC he'd get some serious mo'. That may be the best scenario for the ABK crowd."

Josh Marshall: "If these exit poll numbers... hold up, John Kerry is set to have some smashing victories tonight. But John Edwards may have some life left in him after all."

Glenn Reynolds: "I'm surprised to see Edwards ahead in Oklahoma -- and it looks like bad news for Clark everywhere."

Update II: Everyone should remember that the exit polls from New Hampshire had Kerry and Dean locked in a tight race. Kerry even stopped late in the day to wave at cars thinking the race was closer than it was. Within an hour of the polls closing, we knew Kerry beat Dean by 13 points.


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