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July 29, 2004

DNC Fires Blogger

Matt Stoller "quickly lost his slot on the official blog of the Democratic National Convention Committee this week because of a critical comment on an unrelated group blog," the National Journal’s Technology Daily reports.

"Stoller continues to blog on his personal site and retains the credentials he was granted to help other bloggers make preparations to come to the convention, the first major political gathering to grant credentials to such individual Web posters. But the post at The Blogging of the President, where Stoller is the editor, prompted the DNCC to sever its affiliation with Stoller and remove his name from the blog of the committee's Web site."

Update: Stoller responds on his website.

Dave Winer defends Stoller: "As a volunteer for the DNCC, Matt was instrumental in getting us to Boston, acting as a go-between for the bloggers and the DNCC. I don't know the details, but it's sad that such an innocent comment could be made so important. Obama was flustered when he spoke to the bloggers, Matt actually got it right, whether or not they want to work with him."


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