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September 15, 2004

New Polls

The ICR Presidential Tracking Poll shows President Bush leading Sen. John Kerry 48% to 44%.

Update: The latest Economist poll shows President Bush clinging to a small lead over Sen. John Kerry, 47% to 46%.

Update II: Democracy Corps (D) is now releasing weekly surveys. The latest finds the candidates' convention bounces "have eroded, and the race has returned to the default positions Bush and Kerry have held for much of the year. In the 3-way vote, Bush leads Kerry 47% to 45%, which is essentially unchanged from our poll last week."

Here are the latest state polls:
  • Minnesota: Kerry 50%, Bush 41% (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  • Michigan: Kerry 50%, Bush 44% (Gallup)
  • Florida: Bush 51%, Kerry 45% (Survey USA)
  • Wisconsin: Bush 49%, Kerry 47% (Rasmussen)
  • Wisconsin: Bush 49%, Kerry 44% (Strategic Vision)
  • Nevada: Bush 51%, Kerry 47% (Survey USA)
  • South Dakota: Bush 51%, Kerry 41% (Rasmussen)
  • Georgia: Bush 58%, Kerry 36% (Strategic Vision)
  • New York: Kerry 47%, Bush 41% (Quinnipiac)
  • New York: Kerry 48%, Bush 40% (Marist)
Update III:


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