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September 28, 2004

New Polls

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Though Sen. John Kerry has "held a narrow but consistent lead among registered voters under age 30," the new GENEXT Poll shows that President Bush "has pulled even." Since last month's poll, Bush gained slightly among young voters (+3 percentage points), while Kerry lost support (-5 points).

Poll junkies should note today's commentary from the Electoral Vote Predictor: "It is becoming increasingly clear that the pollsters are producing the results that the people paying the bills want to hear. Even pollsters who were once thought to be above suspicion are now suspicious."

Update: The new Investor's Business Daily/Christian Science Monitor poll has Kerry leading Bush 46% to 45% among likely voters. Among registered voters, they are tied at 44%.

Here are the latest state polls:
  • North Carolina: Bush 50, Kerry 44 (Research 2000)
  • Ohio: Kerry 46, Bush 46 (Lake Snell Perry - D)
  • New Hampshire: Kerry 47, Bush 47 (Lake Snell Perry - D)
  • Oklahoma: Bush 57, Kerry 31 (Wilson Research)
  • Pennsylvania: Kerry 46, Bush 42 (Quinnipiac)
  • Michigan: Kerry 45, Bush 42 (Inside Michigan Politics)
  • Delaware: Kerry 45, Bush 37 (West Chester University)


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