October 04, 2004

New Polls

The latest Battleground 2004 tracking poll shows President Bush leading Sen. John Kerry 51% to 44%. This poll, however, was completed before the first presidential debate last week.

The new Zogby Poll, conducted after the debate, shows Kerry "closing in" on Bush. Bush's lead was cut to one percent, 46% to 45%.

Update: There are three more post-debate polls tonight. The CBS News/New York Times poll shows Kerry and Bush tied at 47%. The ABC News/Washington Post poll gives Bush a 50% to 45% lead. And the Pew poll gives Bush a 48% to 41% lead.

Here are the most notable of recent state polls:
  • New Jersey: Kerry 50, Bush 42 (Research 2000)
  • Pennsylvania: Kerry 45, Bush 44 (Mason-Dixon)
  • Ohio: Bush 51, Kerry 44 (Columbus Dispatch)
  • Ohio: Bush 48, Kerry 47 (Rasmussen)
For a complete list of state polls, see 2.004k.com. For a daily electoral vote tally based on new state polls, see the Electoral Vote Predictor.


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