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October 06, 2004

Debate Roundup

"Determined to win the post-debate spin war on Tuesday night, the Bush campaign called on its supporters to flood the news media with quick declarations that" Cheney "had come out ahead," the New York Times reports. Campaign manager Ken Mehlman "delivered the request in an e-mail message to supporters early Tuesday morning." Ryan Lizza has more on the email.

Over the weekend, I noted the Bush-Cheney campaign has no problem making things up on the campaign trail. But Cheney's assertion that he never met John Edwards is already disproven by this photo taken in 2001 and this video from 2003. A Kerry-Edwards press release details other meetings of the two.

The Columbia State notes the Kerry campaign gave a prime seat to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT), who was the target of a hostile Cheney remark earlier this year.

When Cheney referred viewers to, he obviously didn't know the domain pointed people to The vice president must have meant, a University of Pennsylvania site. Josh Marshall has more speculation.

"Enthusiastic supporters gave warm welcomes to their candidates at late-night rallies after Tuesday's debate," the Cleveland Plain-Dealer reports.

Cameron Marlow updated his neat tool to analyze the vice presidential debate transcript.


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