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October 10, 2004

Kerry Wins Newspaper Endorsements

Sen. John Kerry got several key newspaper endorsements over the weekend:

The Atlanta Journal Constitution: "It's time to give competence a chance."

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch: "Based on his record, President George W. Bush has not earned re-election. He has mishandled the war on terrorism, shut his eyes to disagreeable facts, left the next generation in hock and presided over a sharp loss in jobs, health insurance and prosperity for millions of Americans."

The Philadelphia Inquirer: Bush's "was a presidency of high promise that lapsed into multiple disasters. On his watch, useful surpluses have become a sea of red ink... His plan for a second term is not to repair those mistakes, but to expand and entrench them... Most worrisome, his response to the stunning blows of 9/11 has gone fatefully awry. He has left Americans less safe than they could be and America less admired than it should be."

Update: Editor and Publisher has the complete tally of newspaper endorsements for both candidates.


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