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October 17, 2004

Legal Battles Already Begin

"Experts say the 2004 election is fast becoming, in its final weeks, the most litigious, lawyer-fraught vote in history," the New York Times reports.

"The two sides have been mobilizing for months, but in recent days the battle has been joined on a number of fronts... The clashes have followed a familiar script. Republicans, long suspicious of urban political machines and worried about record levels of new registrations in many swing states, say Democrats have abetted fraud. Democrats, who cite a bitter history of efforts to deny minority and low-income voters the ballot, contend that Republicans are trying to suppress the vote."

To aide in these legal efforts, the Los Angeles Times notes "thousands of observers will be on hand to detail incidents that could affect votes... The largest effort is being mounted by a coalition of 60 liberal and independent organizations that includes churches, civic groups, unions and minority rights groups; it has created a massive computerized tracking system to follow possible election day breakdowns."

The Denver Post notes "armies of lawyers" will be on hand to spot irregularities.


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