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October 31, 2004

Down to the Wire

President Bush and Sen. John Kerry "go into the final 48 hours of the 2004 presidential campaign within easy reach of an electoral majority, but neither has a clear advantage in the remaining handful of tossup states," the Washington Post reports.

"This year's election is a virtual rerun of the 2000 race, with many of the same states in the too-close-to-call category. But four years ago, Bush's route to an electoral majority was clearer than Al Gore's, while this year his path appears no easier than Kerry's, given the states still in play."

The article says the race comes down to six states: Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and New Mexico. "All are regarded as tossups by neutral observers and the two campaigns."

The New York Times agrees that the campaign "is ending as it began, focused with blazing intensity on no more than a dozen hard-fought states" but says the three most important are Florida, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

The Los Angeles Times says the key states are Florida, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The AP points to eight states: Florida, Ohio, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota and New Mexico.


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