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November 08, 2005

Internal Polls from Virginia

In Virginia, Hotline On Call reports that internal campaign polls for Jerry Kilgore (R) show the race at a dead heat while Tim Kaine's (D) internals have him up by four points.

The Virginia Pilot says "the possibility of a nail-biter was enough for Kaine to recruit help in preparing for a possible recount of election results."

To prepare for a recount, both campaigns will "post attorneys at the polls to watch for any irregularities." In addition, campaign leaders will "instruct field officers and poll workers to write down anything unusual -- such as a large number of absentee ballots or voters being turned away from the polls."

According to Virginia law, if the margin is less than one percent, a candidate can request a recount at his own expense. If the margin is less than a half percent, local elections officials assume the full cost.

The wildcard: Capital News Service says there is some "apprehension" by election workers that "touch-screen machines do not emit a receipt. Without such a paper trail, some critics say it would be impossible to recount votes."


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