November 13, 2005

Investigation Continues to Look at Rove

Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald "delayed a decision on whether to seek criminal charges against Karl Rove in large part because he wants to determine whether" Scooter Libby "can provide information on Rove's role in the CIA leak case," the National Journal reports.

"In recent days, Fitzgerald has reinterviewed several witnesses with knowledge of Rove's role in the Plame leak and talked with attorneys of other potential witnesses."

"Rove and the White House had hoped that President Bush's most important political adviser was out of legal jeopardy when the Libby indictment was announced on October 28, and that the political fallout from the CIA leak scandal would recede with the expiration of the grand jury's term. That no longer appears to be the case."

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reviews Libby's role in the case and speculates on why he would testify contrary to his own notes that he knew Fitzgerald already had.


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