March 31, 2009

Voting Begins in NY-20 Special Election

A mere 10 weeks after Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed to the Senate, the race to succeed her in the House has taken on characteristics of a national gauge for President Obama's economic policies and for national Republicans' performance in the wake of a disastrous 2008 election, CQ Politics reports.

But both sides agree that, ultimately, the race will come down to who is most successful at turning out the vote. Turnout is expected to be low, given that it is a special election at an unusual time and there are no national races on the ballot.

The candidates are Scott Murphy (D), a venture capitalist and political newcomer, and Jim Tedisco (R), who has served in the state Legislature for nearly 27 years.

To get a sense of what's going on throughout the day, Political Wire is aggregating all Twitter posts about the special election.

The polls close at 9 pm ET.


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