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June 28, 2009

All Politics Wasn't Local on Climate Vote

With the House passage of landmark climate change legislation by a super-thin margin, National Journal has a very interesting analysis on how the vote broke down along partisan and regional lines.

A map of congressional districts breaks down the vote and whether that district is dependent on coal for a large part of its energy supply.

The bottom line: Politics appeared to play a greater role than local energy needs. "In both parties, nothing appeared to drive the outcome more than the presidential result in last November's election."

Meanwhile, Nate Silver correctly notes the Senate vote will probably play out differently. "The Senate will be voting on a somewhat different bill, at a somewhat different time in the legislative calendar, and its members have somewhat different prerogatives. Fewer of them are under re-election pressure. And Obama -- wisely, I think -- has conserved a lot of his political muscle for the Senate fight."

CQ Politics notes White House adviser David Axelrod said he believed "will probably be dealt with in the fall" after work is completed on health care overhaul.


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