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September 02, 2009

Automated Polls Had It Right

While First Read made the point this morning that "erratic" robo polls have skewed the measurement of Obama's approval rate, Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling defends the technique pointing out that his firm has actually shown less variation in Obama's approval over the last six months than just about any other national pollster tracking it.

He doesn't think there's been a steep decline in Obama's approval occurring right now because it was never sky high to begin with.

As Jensen wrote last week: "I'm pretty sure it's because people are more honest with automated polls than they are with live interviewers. I don't think Obama's approval rating was ever really as good with independents and especially Republicans as some polls were showing it. But I think folks were being more charitable to him in live interviews than their true feelings a) because they felt like they should pretend they were at least giving a new President a chance and b) because they were hearing all the time about how popular Obama is and let's face it, people don't want to be different."


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