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September 02, 2009

Bad Polls Distort Obama Approval

In a guest post, Del Ali of Research 2000 says reports of President Obama's declining approval rates are skewed due to the use of robo polls and other poor survey techniques.

The biggest problems with them is that you do not know if you have a voter on the telephone. The other problem is that not all of these firms who use robo calls tell you exactly what they asked in terms of the question and when they asked the question. In other words, the robo call could spend the first minute or so trashing a particular point of view or a candidate before they ask the respondent on how they would vote on an issue on a race.

This is why R2K uses live interviewers to take live respondents through a series of screeners in order to qualify or disqualify them as a likely voter. We also reveal our questions and we do not do push questions like many robo calls do. If the robo polls are not transparent in terms of whom they call, how they determine the likely voter and what they ask, then it is a junk poll in my view.


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