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September 16, 2009

Is Obama Over-Exposed?

Since his prime time address to Congress last week, it seems President Obama is everywhere. He did a 60 Minutes interview last weekend and will appear on five Sunday shows -- ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC and Univision -- this weekend. On Monday he'll be the sole guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. He even made the celebrity/entertainment shows by calling Kanye West a jackass.

First Read: "The issue of over-exposure has come up before, and while the Amtrak Corridor Elite (NY-DC) believes he may be over-exposed, the White House has previously gotten positive results from its strategy. They believe that with folks getting their news and info for hundreds of different places on multiple platforms, you have to use multiple platforms to touch everyone you want to touch at least once. By the way, our reporting from a summer Peter Hart/Annenberg focus group of swing voters suggested that Obama's speeches, interviews, and news conferences were a plus for him, not a minus. So this may be one of those Beltway-created storylines that the facts don't bear out as much. Still, the White House should be a tad concerned that last week's address attracted 31 million views, compared with the 50 million he got for his first presser. Then again, 31 million is a lot of people...but where do those 19 million go? Are they tuning out Washington?"


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