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December 22, 2009

Update on Griffith Party Switch

First Read provides some more context on Rep. Parker Griffith's party switch today, noting "he was one of four Democrats to oppose the stimulus, cap and trade, and health-care reform. The other three: Walt Minnick (ID), Bobby Bright (AL) and Gene Taylor (MS). All four are/were considered major targets for the GOP in 2010. Griffith also voted against the Wall St. reform legislation and the Lilly Ledbetter Act."

"So considering Griffith's votes, when measuring his switch versus Arlen Specter's, Specter's was much more significant."

Meanwhile, though the NRCC tried to remove their advertisement blasting Griffith from YouTube, they must have forgetten that nothing is ever really deleted anymore.

You can see the titles of the three ads they have since removed, but here's an ad they missed:

Of course, it cuts both ways. In October 2008, a DCCC spokesperson praised Griffith as an "Effective And Independent Voice" in a press release, noting voters "know that Parker Griffith shares their values and will be an effective and independent voice for their needs in Congress."

This item was also deleted from the DCCC web site, but it survives in Google's cache.


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