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January 14, 2010

Clinton, Bush to Lead Disaster Recovery Efforts

Just after 10 am ET, President Obama will make more remarks on the recovery efforts following the massive earthquake in Haiti.

First Read: "According to multiple sources, Obama last night called George W. Bush and formally asked him to participate, along with Bill Clinton, in humanitarian relief efforts for Haiti -- in the same vein that Bush's father and Clinton did following the tsunami disaster in Southeast Asia. Bush 43 said he was ready to do whatever was necessary. A formal rollout of the Clinton/Bush 43-led relief effort will take place as early as tomorrow afternoon, but possibly not until the weekend, as the administration doesn't want to take any attention away in the next 24 hours from search and rescue efforts. For Bush 43, this is his first real public effort since he left office; it's an opportunity to begin establishing his post-presidential legacy, especially on an issue like disaster relief, which remains a scar on his presidency."

Please make your own donation to the American Red Cross today.


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