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February 10, 2010

Palin's Bigger Blunder

While everyone was focused on notes Sarah Palin apparently wrote on her hand over the weekend, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran Eric Robertson says he noticed the black bracelet on her wrist.

"The name on her black memorial bracelet -- one, like the gold star, a demonstration of a friend or associate who was killed in action -- is that of her oldest son, Track. Track served honorably in Iraq, and both he and his parents should be thanked for his selfless service to his country. He is also alive.

"Commemorating Track's service by wearing a black memorial bracelet which is reserved for those dead or even a red bracelet for those missing in action, demonstrates a horrifying contempt for those who gave their last full measure of devotion or an almost unbelievable ignorance of the importance of symbols in American history..."

"Sarah Palin, please take off the bracelet. Be thankful you have no reason to wear it." claims they sent Palin the bracelet.

Update II: Robertson has now retracted his column admitting that he, not Palin, made the bigger blunder.


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