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February 23, 2010

Public Split But Majority Back Key Provisions

The latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds the public evenly divided on health care reform legislation, with 43% in favor and 43% opposed. However, the survey also finds that at a majority of Republicans, Democrats and independents "back at least some of the key provisions in the reform bills that have passed the House and Senate."

"They include measures that would: reform the way health insurance works, such as preventing insurers from excluding people because of pre-existing conditions; offer tax credits to small businesses to help their workers get coverage; create a new health insurance marketplace; help close the Medicare 'doughnut hole' so that seniors would no longer face a period of having to pay the full cost of their medicines; and expand high-risk insurance pools for individuals who cannot get coverage elsewhere."

"Providing subsidies to lower and middle income people also receives strong support from Democrats and independents and near majority support from Republicans."


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