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March 16, 2010

Colorado Caucuses Kick Off Tonight

The U.S. Senate race in Colorado "will enter a new and competitive phase today, when first-round precinct caucuses across the state unofficially kick off the campaign and serve as an early barometer of the candidates' organizational strength and their support among base voters," CQ Politics reports.

"While Colorado's caucus process -- a multi-layered procedure that will culminate at the state conventions on May 22 -- isn't necessarily predictive of success in the August primary election, it will give political activists their first real opportunity to weigh in on the competitive primaries for the seat Sen. Michael Bennet (D) is defending after his appointment 14 months ago. The leading vote-getters at the conventions earn top billing on the primary ballot."

The Hotline: "Technically, the caucuses function more like a straw poll than an actual nominating event -- the results are not binding, nor do they determine which candidates' names will appear on the ballot in Aug. But the results do serve as an early indicator of candidates' strength ahead of the real winnowing in May, when candidates must garner at least 30% of the delegate vote at their state party assemb. in order to make the primary ballot."


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