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May 03, 2010

Three Primaries Tomorrow

There are primaries tomorrow in Indiana, North Carolina, and Ohio to select nominees for U.S. Senate races.

First Read: "We're dubbing this day Marginal Primary Tuesday because 1) the races aren't expected to be as competitive as the ones on May 18 are, and 2) the most important takeaways will be the actual margins of victories. In Indiana's GOP Senate primary, for example, Dan Coats is the favorite, but does he win impressively or is it close as some polls are suggesting? In North Carolina's Democratic Senate primary, the DSCC's favored candidate is Cal Cunningham, but is he able to avoid a June 22 run-off against Elaine Marshall? And in Ohio's Democratic Senate primary, just how big will Lee Fisher's likely victory over Jennifer Brunner be? The final Quinnipiac poll before tomorrow's primary has Fisher leading Brunner by 20 points among likely primary voters (43%-23%)."

Washington Wire has a good run down of some of the House races as well.

Also coming this week: British parliamentary elections on Thursday and the Republican party convention in Utah.


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