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June 11, 2010

A Follow Up on Pollster Ratings Transparency

In response to my question on the transparency of his pollster scorecard, Nate Silver published the polls in his database from Research 2000, a firm whose relationship with DailyKos was terminated, in part, due to the pollster ratings.

However, Research 2000 tells Political Wire it has identified 14 mistakes in the data used, including 12 polls that were wrongly excluded and two that had wrong data. I've forwarded this information to Nate for his review.

These are the mistakes found for just one firm out of dozens evaluated. Since data for other pollsters was not disclosed, it's not clear if there are other mistakes.

To be fair, compiling this type of data is insanely hard and time consuming. It's not surprising that there are errors. But when decisions are made to hire and fire pollsters based on these ratings, it's even more important to show people the data that's being used.


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