June 30, 2010

Elizabeth Edwards Talks About "Game Change"

Since we looked at what John Edwards is doing now, it's worth noting that the Today show interview with Elizabeth Edwards is also fascinating -- particularly her reaction to the unflattering picture of her in the bestseller Game Change.

"It was actually useful to have somebody say you were perceived as much harsher than you thought you were. That's a useful piece of information...  I thought of the people who worked in the campaign not as people who worked for John or worked for me, but as people with whom I worked. I thought of us as equals... If I argued about a policy, I thought I was arguing as an equal. Clearly they didn't have that perception -- they thought I was the boss's wife or whatever. I didn't take that into consideration and I needed to."

However, she also had a warning: "I know who the sources are."

Here's the video:


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