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September 10, 2010

Did Obama Hint He'll Pick Elizabeth Warren?

At his press conference today, Greg Sargent thinks President Obama seemed to hint seemed strongly that he is leaning towards appointing Elizabeth Warren as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, "which would throw a big bone to liberals who strongly support her and want to see Obama take a stand on something they care about."

Said Obama: "The idea for this agency was Elizabeth Warren's. She's a dear friend of mine. She's somebody I've known since I was in law school. And I have been in conversations with her. She is a tremendous advocate for this idea... So I'll have an announcement soon about how we're going to move forward. I have had conversations with Elizabeth over these last couple of months. But I'm not going to make an official announcement until it's ready."

Ryan Grim: "Obama's clear emphasis on 'official' gave an indication that the matter is all but decided. Speculation has swirled that Obama would name Warren to head the agency during the summer recess to avoid a confirmation battle. His opportunity to do so expires early next week, when Congress returns. But he could also recess appoint Warren in October, after Congress recesses to campaign for reelection."


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