September 21, 2010

Clinton Warns of Republican Investigations

clinton2.jpgAt last night's policy discussion, I asked Bill Clinton what Democrats can do to channel voter anger and try to close the enthusiasm gap seen in so many polls.

Clinton noted that of the fundamental economic issues facing the country, "no one is talking about this in ways that people can understand. We just say 'oh, people are just too mad to think.' That's insulting to people. 'They're too apathetic to care.' That's insulting."

Said Clinton: "You've got to paint a picture for people."

He also said that Americans have to realize that by not voting, "there's an 80% chance you'll get what you don't want."

One thing he believes voters don't want is Republican-led congressional investigations. If Republicans take control of the House, he warned they are prepared to "reward" President Obama for not investigating Bush administration abuses with "two years of unrelenting investigations."

"That might shake up all these apathetic Democrats and get them to vote again."


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