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October 15, 2010

How Romney Manufactured a Bestseller

Earlier this year, Political Wire was the first to note that Mitt Romney's book, No Apologies, was boosted to the New York Times bestseller list through bulk sales.

Here's how he did it: Ben Smith has a document indicates that Romney asked institutions to buy thousands of copies of his book in exchange for his speeches which might otherwise be paid.

"Asking that hosts buy books is also a standard feature of book tours. But Romney's total price -- $50,000 -- was on the high end, and his publisher, according to the document from the book tour -- provided on the condition it not be described in detail -- asked institutions to pay at least $25,000, and up to the full $50,000 price, in bulk purchases of the book. With a discount of roughly 40 percent, that meant institutions could wind up with more than 3,000 copies of the book -- and a person associated with one of his hosts said they still have quite a pile left over."


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