December 23, 2010

Obama Begins Vacation

President Obama began his delayed Christmas break when Air Force One landed in Hawaii early this morning.

Politico: "Obama's approach is a notable departure from some of his predecessors... for its seclusion... Obama prefers his privacy... The president typically keeps a low profile with few public appearances, and would rather unwind with an intimate circle -- several family members, a tight-knit group of Chicago friends and a couple of childhood pals from Hawaii -- than rub elbows with the famous or powerful."

New York Times: "The White House hopes Mr. Obama, who is scheduled to be here until January 2, will have 11 days of relative quiet. (He was originally scheduled to return home on the first, but has decided to extend his stay by a day.) Of course, as Mr. Obama learned last year, when a Christmas Day airline bombing attempt interrupted his annual Hawaiian stay, there is no such thing as vacation when you are president."


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