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February 03, 2011

GOP Insiders Think Thune Will Stay in Senate

Sen. John Thune (R-SD) "just landed two plum posts in the Senate -- seats on the influential Finance and Budget committees -- that crystallize the decision he now faces: Stay in the Senate to climb the leadership ladder, or jump into the 2012 presidential contest," Politico reports.

"The betting among Republicans is that Thune remains in the Senate, and the senator himself acknowledges he might stay put."

Ben Smith: "It's worth considering that for all the fun names floating, the actual field will be smaller -- and could be a lot smaller."

First Read: "If Thune decides not to run, it means the eventual GOP field could be WIDE OPEN. This could benefit someone like Tim Pawlenty -- or Haley Barbour or Rick Santorum -- because there will be plenty of room for someone to be the anti-Romney. And it also explains why Jon Huntsman is eyeing a bid. The field is shrinking? Certainly looks that way right now. If Mitch Daniels does NOT run, does that leave Pawlenty as the lone midwesterner?"


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