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February 14, 2011

What the Budget Says About Obama

Politico looks at President Obama's budget proposal -- to be unveiled this morning -- and notes that "the numbers read less like a budget than a soldier deciding what he must carry and what will weigh him too much down jumping into a hot LZ."

"Obama's new budget and the House CR can be seen as opening ploys in a longer process which many hope will bring both sides to the table this spring on a larger deficit reduction plan. In the same light, Obama's emphasis on education serves not only his agenda but drives a wedge between traditional Republicans and the tea party newcomers. At the same time, the GOP's single-minded devotion to appropriations cuts puts pressure on the White House -- from Democrats -- to come up with alternative savings from mandatory benefit programs or new revenues."

First Read: "Presidential budgets are more political documents than anything else, and this budget is by someone who wants to win re-election. Now we wait for the GOP's counter-offer."


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