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March 10, 2011

Why There Will Not be a Government Shutdown, Take 2

John Dickerson is carrying over his previous prediction that there wouldn't be a government shutdown to make the same argument once again, noting that the White House and House Republicans will agree on another short-term continuing resolution before the government runs out of money on March 18.

"Coming to an agreement now... means President Obama can take his trip to Brazil on March 18 without looking like he's skipping town while a shutdown looms... Republicans were preparing a new funding mechanism that would keep operations open for two to three more weeks with cuts of about $2 billion per week. At three weeks, that nicely matches the $6.5 billion the White House has already suggested cutting."

But what about next time: "The next debate will be more contentious. The president recognizes that these mini-funding mechanisms simply allow Republicans to get what they want in installments. If they continue, nearly $60 billion will be cut, and a big stretch of time will have been wasted."


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