May 11, 2011

Top Alabama Democrat Says Party Has Message Problem

The new chairman of the Alabama Democratic Party Mark Kennedy laid out his plan to revive the once-dominant party to the Mobile Press-Register after Republicans swept every statewide office and took control of the state Legislature in 2010. His top priority? Define the message.

"Kennedy said Republicans can rattle off their core issues by rote -- 'low taxes, less government, strong military, more patriotic, on and on.' And, he said, they have a powerful vehicle to communicate their message: 'The worst thing going for Democrats in America is Fox News. How many times have you gone in the drug store or the dentist, and they have it on? They've got their talking points down pat, and they are being broadcast all over the country every day. What we're not doing in Alabama -- and I can't really talk about nationally -- we don't have that same five-finger test. We don't have a strong, understandable message.'"


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