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May 13, 2011

A Bad Romance Novel

Reviews of the Senate Ethics Committee report on former Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) are in:

The Las Vegas Sun notes it "reads like a juicy drugstore paperback. It chronicles the slow implosion of Ensign and his inner circle through lusts indulged, friendships betrayed and cover-up conspiracies wrought as he carried on an affair with campaign staffer Cynthia Hampton, and then tried to shuttle her and her husband, Doug Hampton, the highest-ranking staffer in his Senate office and Ensign's best friend, into jobs that would get them out the door."

The Washington Post says it "reads like a bad romance novel -- albeit a page-turner."

Las Vegas Review Journal: "Six of the 68 pages in the report are focused on the affair and read like a dime-store novel. It portrays Ensign as a sexual predator who took advantage of Hampton and would not leave her alone until she agreed to cheat on her husband, and keep cheating after they were caught several times."


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