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May 24, 2011

The Bush Primary

The New York Times notes Jon Huntsman "spent Monday afternoon in Kennebunkport, Me., having lunch with the elder George Bush -- the 41st president and one of the keys to earning the support of a vast network of political operatives, donors, surrogates and activists. The private lunch with Mr. Huntsman was not an endorsement by Mr. Bush, who held a similar meeting several weeks ago with Tim Pawlenty, the former governor of Minnesota and now an official candidate for president. The elder Mr. Bush is also close to Mitt Romney, the former governor of Massachusetts. But it's a reminder that in Republican politics, the Bush family's political operation remains an important piece of the puzzle for presidential hopefuls."

"In 2008, the candidates had a somewhat more delicate task as they sought to raise money and support from the Bushes and their supporters while also trying to distance themselves from the younger President Bush and some of the more unpopular policies and legacies of his administration."


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