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June 02, 2011

Will Palin Steal Romney's Thunder?

Sarah Palin's "mystery tour/summer vacation/media scavenger hunt rolled into Boston last night, putting the former Alaska governor on a potential collision course with her possible Republican presidential rival, Mitt Romney, who is set to announce his second bid for the White House in New Hampshire today," the Boston Globe reports.

John DiStaso reports Palin's staff "has reached out to a number of New Hampshire Republicans for a clambake on New Hampshire's Seacoast."

First Read: "Still, Palin is the actual physical evidence that Romney, while the front-runner, is fragile. But history suggests Romney will be the nominee -- not since Goldwater in '64 has the party nominated someone who had never RUN for president before or wasn't the incumbent (Ford) or wasn't the son of a former president (Dubya). And that's why what Palin is doing to Romney today is potentially so damaging. It doesn't give him even a day to have a clean shot on the most important day of any presidential campaign: announcement day."


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