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June 03, 2011

Romney Bets on a Bad Economy

Steve Kornacki says bad economic news is central to Mitt Romney's presidential chances.

"Romney is counting on a certain amount of pragmatism prevailing among Republicans... This is where the economy comes in: The weaker it becomes, the more vulnerable Obama will seem to Republicans. This, in turn, will create more urgency for the party's opinion-shaping elites to rally behind a candidate capable of taking advantage of a poor economy in the general election -- and it will make it easier for them to persuade rank-and-file Republican voters to follow their lead."

Ryan Lizza: "One of Romney's former aides recently told me that, whatever Romney's difficulties explaining his support of the individual mandate in the health-care plan he passed in Massachusetts in 2006, nobody should discount him, because once he gets 'locked in' it is 'scary' to see how focussed he can become on a goal. Right now, Romney is locked in on the weakness of this economy -- and that is a message that should scare Democrats this time."

Of course, the big question is whether the recent discouraging news on the economy will encourage other candidates to jump in the race.


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