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June 07, 2011

Can Weiner Survive?

Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) said he will not resign from office in the wake of his admission that he sent lewd photos to women online, but Politico notes "he's got powerful political currents running against him: His initial false claim that he was a "victim" and hours of televised lies, his shortage of congressional allies, his very public persona, and a Republican leadership eager to make the case a partisan test."

However, the lawmaker "appears to have the requisite mix of shame and shamelessness - as well as a wife who, friends say, has remained by his side. And many have survived in office for much more egregious underlying offenses, including some in much less forgiving precincts than a liberal New York City district -- such as Louisiana Sen. David Vitter and South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford."

Meanwhile, Michael Shear gives five reasons Weiner might survive -- and five he might not.

The Note: "Despite Weiner's intention to stay in the House, it's not clear he can or will. Media outlets are hungry for details of his Internet encounters and at least a couple of women have been willing to share them. The House Ethics Committee isn't what will ultimately force him out. The question is how much humiliation is he willing to stomach? And, of course, how long will House Democratic leadership be willing to let this drag out and distract before they "encourage" him to leave?"


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