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June 13, 2011

The Republican Presidential Debate

Some quick thoughts on tonight's Republican debate in New Hampshire:

Rep. Michele Bahmann stole the first round of questions by announcing she's formally filed as a presidential candidate. She's also proven to be very media saavy and capable of feeding red meat to the GOP base.

Tim Pawlenty blinked when asked to expand on his "ObamneyCare" comments from yesterday. It was a missed chance at engaging with Mitt Romney on a key vulnerability.

Newt Gingrich is trying to be the smartest kid in the class but he's not very personable, looks bored and never smiles. It's not surprising his staffers all left.

It's hard to see how Sarah Palin jumps in the race if Bachmann continues to perform so well. She's coming off as much more adept than Palin in these forums.

Is Herman Cain at this debate? He's completely overshadowed and not living up to the recent hype.

There's a reason Mitt Romney is the frontrunner: None of these candidates is nearly as experienced at these debates. No one landed a punch.

Rick Santorum joins Rep. Ron Paul as a bottom tier candidate and this debate isn't changing that perception.

Unless you think Bachmann can win the Republican nomination, there's a real opening for another candidate to enter this race and challenge Romney. Is Texas Gov. Rick Perry watching?


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