June 21, 2011

Huntsman's Path to the GOP Nomination

With Jon Huntsman officially entering the presidential race today, John Avlon looks at how he might win.

"There's no question it's a long shot. But it is also true that even in the heady opening weeks of the Obama administration, Huntsman was regarded as the Republican that Barack & Co. least wanted to run against in 2012. That's why they came up with the bright idea of bringing Huntsman into the fold as China ambassador. It didn't stick."

"Huntsman is the latest embodiment of the classic Catch-22 of partisan politics -- the candidate most likely to win a general election has the hardest time winning the nomination. The qualities that make them so competitive in the fall alienate the base."

Associated Press: "Unusual political resume and sometimes centrist views makes Huntsman both a long shot to emerge with the GOP presidential nomination and a candidate to be feared ... should he break out of the pack."


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