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June 22, 2011

Huntsman's Path to the Nomination

Though Jon Huntsman "seems in almost every way the wrong man for the times" Ryan Lizza says that "even in today's Republican Party there could be a path for a non-Tea Party extremist to win the nomination. After all, there is no national election for Republicans to pick their nominee. He or she will be decided through the quirky process of state primaries and caucuses. And that system always offers at least a theoretical path for a candidate with Huntsman's background and qualifications."

Key factor: "This year, for the first time in modern Presidential politics, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, Mitt Romney, has declined to fully participate in the long, absurd process leading up to caucus night. With that decision, Romney made it easy for Huntsman, who would have no chance in Iowa, to skip the state."

However, Jonathan Bernstein notes that "as long as the press continues to cover Iowa, it's not going to become a 'fringe event.' And of course they're going to cover Iowa. What that means is that whoever wins Iowa is going to get a blast of publicity. Hunstman, most likely, won't."


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