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June 30, 2011

Romney Takes On Obama in Pennsylvania

On the same day President Obama will attend two DNC fundraisers in Pennsylania, The Hill reports Mitt Romney will "visit the same plant, Allentown Metal Works, that Obama visited in December of 2009 to tout his $787 billion stimulus."

"Obama talked up the plant in a subsequent Saturday radio address, too, but the 100-year-old plant eventually closed down this January after the stimulus dollars it had been promised didn't come through."

Mark Halperin: "This is yet another super-smart move by the frontrunner, and it is a four-fer. It keeps up the Romney strategy of focusing on 'Obama versus Romney' (rather than 'Romney versus the Republican field'), thereby elevating Romney. It keeps the focus on the economy, which is almost all Romney wants to talk about. It cues up Romney for the general election in a now-Blue-former-battleground state (Obama probably can't win re-election without the Keystone State.). And it allows Romney to get a press conference under his belt with few national reporters present, and (very likely) few questions (and certainly few answers, regardless of the questions!) focused on anything but the economy -- and not, say, health care."

Romney also put out a devastating new ad.

Here's the ad:


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