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July 12, 2011

Senate Republicans Propose New Powers for Obama

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is "actively pursuing a new plan under which the debt ceiling would grow in three increments over the remainder of this Congress unless lawmakers approve a veto-proof resolution of disapproval," Politico reports.

"In effect lawmakers would be surrendering the very power of approval that the GOP has used to force the debt crisis now. But by taking the disapproval route, Republicans can shift the onus more onto the White House and Democrats since a two-thirds majority will be needed to stop any increase that President Obama requests."

ABC News: "Under McConnell odd plan, the President could get a clean, no-strings-attached debt ceiling increase of $2.5 trillion, but he would have to endure three politically treacherous votes that would allow upwards of two-thirds of the Congress to be on record disapproving of his actions. In other words, the President would get his debt ceiling increase and Republicans would score political points, but there would be no guarantee of any spending cuts."

Greg Sargent: "At bottom, McConnell's proposal is the latest GOP line on the debt ceiling -- it's Obama's problem, not ours -- taken to its logical and legislative conclusion."


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