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July 28, 2011

Romney Absent from Debt Ceiling Debate

Mitt Romney has avoided taking a position on the various debt ceiling proposals before Congress, but his silence is curious now that Republicans are placing their bets on House Speaker John Boehner's plan.

First Read: "Our question: How does someone who wants to be the leader of the Republican Party not have a position on one of the biggest issues facing Washington, especially after the dueling primetime speeches by Obama and Boehner? It's actually quite surprising; this isn't just another Washington fight. Is the lack of a position proof of how fragile Team Romney believes its front-runner status is right now?"

Ben Smith: "Romney has done a sterling job of navigating a range of political risks, and of avoiding the usual political trap of getting pulled too far toward the base during a primary, and being unable to swing back to the center. But I wonder if he's been as successful in avoiding a kind of character trap that Democrats are setting for him, and whose outlines are already clear: That he's too weak and calculating to lead."


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