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September 07, 2011

Reaction to the GOP Debate

It's very clear Mitt Romney has done this before because he looked like a long distance runner compared to the other candidates on the stage. He won the debate, but only because Rick Perry stumbled badly on several questions. In fact, Perry's doubling-down on his criticisms of social security may ultimately prove to be a fatal flaw as GOP primary voters gauge electability.

Michele Bachmann lost the debate because she did nothing to stop her downward drift in the polls. By next month, her campaign may be an afterthought. Ron Paul has more staying power than her because his libertarian base is unique and unmoving.

Most amazing moment: The audience applauding the record number of executions carried out under Perry's tenure as governor.

Other reactions:

Andrew Sullivan: "My take-away? Perry has proved himself an extreme, inarticulate, incurious W clone. He doubled down on the vicious attacks on social security; and his rhetoric was off-key. Huntsman emerged as an actual candidate; Romney kicked ass. Bachmann is wearing thinner and thinner. Paul is Paul. Santorum is a Vatican crank. Gingrich is an angry old man. Cain has no business being up there. Perry's poor performance gives Palin an opening."

Ezra Klein: "Mitt Romney looked like he had already won the Republican nomination. Rick Perry looked like he will win the Republican nomination. Michele Bachmann looked like she was beginning to realize she definitely wouldn't win the Republican nomination."


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