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September 12, 2011

Reaction to the GOP Debate

Mitt Romney was not as strong in this debate than he was last week but he's a long distance runner and was barely knocked off stride by his rivals. It wasn't a convincing win but a win nonetheless.

In contrast, cracks are beginning to show in Rick Perry's candidacy, especially when he's forced to explain anything longer than a soundbite. The best news for Perry is that very few are watching these debates and his weak performance is unlikely to move his poll numbers that much.

Michele Bachmann was stronger this week and was fueled by an audience of Tea Partiers. Nonetheless, she was unable to move back into the contention with the two frontrunners.

Of the bottom tier candidates, Jon Huntsman was even less relevant in this debate than he was at the last one, if that's even possible. His attempt at jokes and zingers fell flat nearly every time and were just painful to watch. He's now doing damage to his reputation.


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