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September 22, 2011

Republicans Debate Again Tonight

Nine Republican presidential candidates will gather in Orlando, FL tonight for a debate co-sponsored by Fox News and Google. The kick off is at 9 p.m. ET.

First Read: "So all the pressure for tonight's debate -- the sixth of the GOP race and third one in 15 days -- is on Perry. And it's about more than convincing Republican viewers and voters; it's about convincing donors that he has what it takes, with the Sept. 30 fundraising deadline just around the corner (and with the chatter in the donor world that Perry's struggling a bit)."

Adam Smith: "Presidential debates are about the national TV audience, of course. But just as last week's lively tea party debate audience helped set the tone in Tampa, tonight's audience in Orlando is significant. Watching at the Orange County Convention Center will be nearly 3,500 registered Florida GOP delegates who on Saturday will hold their mock primary election, the Presidency 5 straw poll. This debate audience is the grass-roots backbone of the Florida GOP, so debate performances will directly affect Saturday's vote. Perry is favored, but don't underestimate Romney's and Paul's support in the crowd."


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